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We provide inbound and outbound marketing solutions of all kinds. Print material, websites, tablet apps, mobile marketing, and more.
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Know your website needs work but don’t know where to start?
Our free eBook will get you started down the right path. It explains three of the most popular approaches available today: out-of-a-box solutions, templates, and working with a professional. Click here to discover what returns results!

Did you know your customer is 60-70% down the buying path before they will reach out to you? The Gartner Group forecasts that by the year 2020 eighty-five percent of all business transactions will be conducted without human contact. (Don’t believe it? Search diamond buying on the web). Clarke, Inc. will create a website for you that attracts, nurtures and delights your stealth prospects and customers.

Forget the fancy awards. Your website should make you money.


Your website must be responsive or it’s worthless to you.  A responsively designed website adapts to fit whatever device is displaying the website. From big screen TVs to tiny laptop screens, from iPads and iPhones to Kindles and budget smartphones. The mobile world is everywhere, and your website needs to be designed for it.


A great many web designers will grab a template, fill in your info, slap your logo on it and call it a day.  Your website should be the base camp all of your marketing must flow through. Clarke Inc. will work with you to design a website wholly tailored to your needs, ensuring maximum return on your investment.


We make marketing sites.  Money making websites don’t have to be pretty, they have to be effective qualified lead generating machines. At Clarke Inc. we leverage all our expertise to make sure your website is a vital and useful tool to your business, and not just a pretty online brochure.

Want examples? We’ve got a gallery!
Come see how we’ve helped other businesses and organizations just like yours achieve success in their online marketing.

Website Development Pricing

1. You pick a package.
2. We do all the heavy lifting setting it up.
3. You start making bank.

Updates and Maintenance Pricing

A “set it and forget it” website that acts as an electronic brochure is useless. Pick a maintenance package, keep your site up to date and keep the dollars rolling in.

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