CASE STORY: Pinpoint Dental Consulting | Clarke Inc. Creative Marketing & Print Communication
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CASE STORY: Pinpoint Dental Consulting

We can now focus on our clients’ success rather than spending time managing our suppliers.
Mike Garrison | Garrison Sales Consulting

To quickly build its business Pinpoint Dental Consulting set out to develop a strong support network. Dr. David Black, a successful dentist, and Mike Garrison, marketing expert, knew they could help other dentists with a successful marketing strategy to get more patients into the practice. They also knew they couldn’t do it alone. They needed a strong supplier network that could implement their print, web and digital marketing strategies.


Pinpoint Dental Consulting must work with partners that understand their needs and responds quickly to their requests.


Before Pinpoint Dental Consulting found Clarke, Inc. they were working with a few other vendors, however they were frustrated with those relationships. The vendors were at best slow to respond, or at worst didn’t respond at all. If a problem arose it was always Pinpoint Dental Consulting’s fault and it cost money to fix the issue. Clarke, Inc. became a Pinpoint Dental Consulting vendor because they wanted and appreciated the business. Clarke, Inc. responded to questions with unique ideas, turned the projects around quickly and accurately, and did it all at a competitive price.


It was a huge surprise to Pinpoint Dental Consulting to find such a responsive vendor. They had just become accustomed to, and accepted as fact, that marketing vendors were slow to respond and indifferent to developing relationships.


Clarke, Inc. has integrity and values relationships


The common bond between Pinpoint Dental Consulting and Clarke, Inc. was a shared philosophy of selling with integrity. Clarke, Inc. is predictable, consistent, keeps its promises and exceeds expectations. Clarke, Inc. did this by offering suggestions and providing many free, helpful eBooks on our website.

“Clarke, Inc. gets it done!”

Clarke, Inc. makes money for Pinpoint Dental Consulting


Clarke, Inc. makes money for Pinpoint Dental Consulting by not only offering competitive products. Clarke, Inc. is also referral partner. Clarke, Inc. focuses on not just “taking” work from our clients. We also develop a plan to “give back” by passing highly qualified referrals.


Many marketing vendors gauge success by industry awards and plaques on their “I Love Myself” walls. Clarke, Inc. measures its success by its client’s success.

“Clarke, Inc. is awesome to work with! They offered quick turn around with no BS.
They were completely concerned with our results and spared us the boring details how to get there.”

Clarke, Inc. serves up epic marketing truth to small businesses daily. Our clients crush their competition by integrating print, web and digital marketing into an automated machine that sells 24/7/365. We are not afraid to get down, get dirty and get results. If you want the pretty marketing boys we are not for you.