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Quickguide: How to Legally Use Images Found on the Internet


What could be easier than Googling a couple of images, finding ones you like, and putting them to work in your marketing? It’s more complicated than you may think, and the wrong choices can cost you thousands of dollars. No need to worry however, that is what this guide is for!

This simple guide will explain the risks involved with finding images, how to identify the ”traps” that lie in wait for you, and what you need to do to protect yourself. Find great images for your content that you can use with confidence.

Quickguide: Building Your Small Business Style Guide

A brand style guide is how a business ensures a consistent look and feel to all its brand assets across multiple medias and uses. Every business, large or small, needs one.

Use this QuickGuide to get the basics on branding and what information can go into your style guide. Refer to the provided style guide example and template to build your own.

Quickguide: Designing Printed Marketing Collateral

All marketing collateral is designed before it’s printed: business cards, brochures, one-pagers, direct mail pieces, folders, signage, calendars, even promotional products.

This quick-guide is designed to help you do all of that.No matter your situation, the purpose of this quickguide is to help you get the best design ready for the printer in a timely and cost effective manner. Pull it out for the next project and prepare to check off each action item like a to-do list.

Quickguide: Planning and Executing a Direct Mail Campaign

Want fast and accurate quotes for a direct mail campaign? Would it be nice to WOW your boss by making the right call for the campaign strategy? Need to avoid wasting your time going in circles with vendors and team members? This quick-guide is designed to help you do all of that.

Is Your Printer the Right Printer For You?

Every printing company is a little bit different. Some do some things well, others do other things well. Some, we’re sorry to say, downright suck! Use this handy checklist to see how your favorite printer stacks up. You might discover a new love for your awesome printer… or you might realize how much unnecessary pain you’ve been having to put up with needlessly.

Website Grader 3-Pack

Using this 3-pack of checklist graders, you can tell how your website stands up in SEO, Design, and Content. We dare you to ace them all!

Upgrade Your Marketing to Integrated Marketing

Your small B2B business may be selling locally but you need to be aware that your customers are purchasing nationally. They don’t necessarily need a brick-and-mortar building to make purchases. Fortunately, if you implement Integrated Inbound and Outbound Marketing properly, you can make your small B2B look much larger on the internet.

How to Avoid Disaster at the Post Office

If you don’t know the USPS rules you could be wasting money on postage. We’ve translated the USPS rules into plain English. Also included is an easy checklist and Postal Rates Chart!

Managing Inbound & Outbound Marketing

A comprehensive how-to-guide for anyone who’s found themselves overwhelmed with managing their marketing prep, planning, and implementation.

5 Things to Guarantee Success from a Business Event

Events and parties are a great way to increase the exposure and influence of businesses, but if people don’t come or it’s not memorable then it can be a waste of time. We’ve thrown a ton of parties and have some lessons to share with you in this guide. Check it out and make your next event rock.

The Trade Show Owners Manual

Participating in a trade show is a financial investment because they aren’t cheap. If you want to maximize your effort and bring home results, we will show you how to do that in this guide.

So You Need a Website? What to Do First.

We’ll get you started down the right path by explaining the pros and cons of the three most popular approaches used today: out-of-a-box, template based, and working with a professional.

How to Check a Proof

Learn tips and tricks to catch the smallest mistakes, discover what odd printing errors are most common and how to spot them, and save yourself from printing disaster!

How to Choose a Marketing Services Provider

Producing a pixel or print marketing tool is daunting if you lack the time or technical knowledge. Download this ebook to learn how to select the right provider for you!

How to Make a Logo Universally Compatible

How a logo looks is just the surface of a good coporate logo. When it doesn’t display properly on an important piece of outbound marketing, it can be quite frustrating. In this eBook we help you solve this common problem.

How to Make Mobile Friendly Marketing

Learn what the difference is in Mobile Compatible and Mobile Optimized Websites. Learn what the differences are between Native apps & HTML apps. Also discover how to choose between eBooks and Apps for you publication.