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Decision Tools

You Compare: Online Printer vs Local Printer

Many small businesses face the question of who’s going to print their next marketing collateral project. Do you use an online printer that can offer competitive pricing because of the volume they do, or do you work with a local printer for a more personal interaction? Here are comparative facts about the two. Choose what makes sense for your needs and budget.

You Compare: DIY Website vs Working with a Web Designer

Many small business owners have to decide if they should build a website themselves on platforms such as SquareSpace, Wix, or Weebly, or hire a website design company to build a standard website for them. To make this decision a little easier, here are comparative facts about the two options. Choose what makes sense for your goals and budget.

Postal Rates Chart

A handy quick reference guide for current postal rates. Extremely helpful when budgeting for any large mail job. See current prices for various sizes to know how the size of your piece will impact your mailing costs.

The 3 Key Stages of Web Design

Working with a web designer doesn’t have to be scary or confusing! Having a clear understanding of the process is all it takes to have confidence in where your website is in development, and gives you what you need to keep it on track.

Website Tips for Local Small Business Marketing

Navigating the universe known as the World Wide Web can be a challenge for anyone, especially a small business attempting to market their brand and grow their business.

16 Things You Can Do to Get More Referrals

There are no strings attached, no catch, and no hidden agenda in this eBook. If you like the tips, feel free to share them. And if you don’t like them, well, we will try to do better next time.

10 Things to Get You Out of a Sales Slump

As a follow up to our most popular eBook “25 Ways to Get Out of a Sales Slump” we have compiled another list with even more great ideas. If a particular author’s idea stands out and you would like to connect with him or her give us a call. We want to be a “maven” and make the connection for you.

Need-to-Know Tips for Trade Show Vendors

Trade shows are like a gold mine for leads. Unless you create a mining strategy, you cannot capture these elusive nuggets. If you strike the right vein, your sales team jump for joy. Have a Solid Pre and Post Event Plan, then brainstorm the middle piece, the event!

Mobile Marketing Bootcamp for Small Business

The dynamics of our business environment has morphed from more static and desktop-based to a mobile environment full of versatility, functionality and movement. People are looking for a dynamic mobile experience that is simple, savvy, and visually pleasing!

5 Ways to Meet Face-to-Face with Your Clients Without Wearing Pants

What ingenious and inexpensive, or even better,free technology is available to communicate face-to-face with clients without ever leaving your office chair, or wearing pants if you work from home? We have done the research for you.

25 Ways to Get Out of a Sales Slump

We recently participated in a Sales Playbook LinkedIn group discussion regarding sales slumps. Specifically, how do you get out of a dismal sales spin? Well, the number and quality of responses were nothing short of amazing. We have distilled the best responses and given attribution to the authors.