CASE STORY: Innovative Faith Resources | Clarke Inc. Creative Marketing & Print Communication
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CASE STORY: Innovative Faith Resources

As a young designer, I appreciate the personal investment Clarke, Inc. has made in my success. Clarke, Inc. has gone above and beyond again and again to educate me and ensure that my projects are produced with the highest quality at an extremely competitive cost.
Rachel Adams | Graphic Specialist & Project Coordinator Innovative Faith Resources (IFR)

At IFR, the media team is responsible for both designing marketing materials and choosing the vendors to produce them. With an ever-growing workload and many clients to satisfy, it became increasingly imperative to work with vendors who took a vested interest in IFR’s projects by providing the best quality, service and pricing.


Clarke, Inc. cared enough to educate IFR on potential cost savings on their designs and pointed out obvious errors in print proofs.


Before IFR found Clarke, Inc. they were working with several large printers – some online and some out-of-town. IFR found it advantageous to work with a local vendor like Clarke, Inc. because it solved a lot of their communications issues.
Clarke, Inc. became an IFR vendor because they wanted and appreciated IFR’s business. We cared enough to be cost conscious and point out potential savings for each job.

“Clarke, Inc. became a valued IFR vendor they because acted like they wanted, and appreciated, IFR’s business.”

In addition to solving the communications issue IFR needed to overcome a messy and unorganized design and bidding process. These problems led to unnecessary expenses such as rush fees for printing and mailing the projects as first class postage because the job was running behind for the advertised event date.


The trust to know that Clarke, Inc. will cover potential errors.


Rachel and the other graphic designers were impressed with how Clarke, Inc. helped them streamline their RFQ process so that jobs began to be printed and mailed on time. In addition, Clarke, Inc. encouraged and educated the designers how to create better work. We did this by offering suggestions and providing many free, helpful eBooks on our website. These suggestions eliminated print rush fees and allowed IFR to use Non-Profit mailing rates rather than more expensive first class mail rates.


But don’t assume Clarke, Inc. has won every project. The biggest IFR compliment we received was that we didn’t complain and argue if we lost the project.

“Clarke, Inc. changed the way I approach design. I now consider how to make my designs cost effective. I think less about whether it’s a beautiful design and more about if it meets the needs of my clients.”

IFR can now do much more with the same number of employees


IFR can now produce 2-3 times the amount of work that they previously produced without adding additional designers. IFR has a reduced stress level and can produce steady work. They have time to think about the big picture rather than just focusing on the rushed and panicked project at hand.


Some side benefits are that the designers can spend more time with interns teaching them more details about marketing. It has also allowed the designers the time to expand into social media and content marketing.


Clarke, Inc.’s print design suggestions have saved IFR as much, or more, on postage costs too. Here are the results:


  • In 2015, IFR spent $69,000 on printing with Clarke, Inc.
    • Of that, $32,000 was on mailings.
    • By using Nonprofit mail, the client saved over $6,400.
  • In 2016, IFR spent $34,000 on printing with Clarke, Inc.
    • ​Of that, $27,900 was been spent on mailings.
    • By using Nonprofit mail, the client has saved $6,800.
  • In 2016, IFR could decrease money lost on projects sent out First Class because the final content/designs were solidified behind schedule. ​​
  • Between January 2015 – December 2016, IFR saved over $13,200 in postage alone through Clarke’s recommendation of moving to using Nonprofit mail versus First Class mail.
“I highly encourage the use of a local printer. A local printer is more likely to take an interest in your success and invest in the details of your project.”

Clarke, Inc. serves up epic marketing truth to small businesses daily. Our clients crush their competition by integrating print, web and digital marketing into an automated machine that sells 24/7/365. We are not afraid to get down, get dirty and get results. If you want the pretty marketing boys we are not for you.