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CASE STORY: Innovative Faith Resources

With little or no design input Clarke Inc. built my fledgling company a terrific website that far exceeded my expectations.
Reed Dillon | Owner

To quickly build its business Creative Brand Content needed a website. Reed Dillon, owner of Creative Brand Content, is a branding expert. He has worked for several modular home companies helping them to drive sales to record levels. However, Reed also knew he couldn’t do it alone. He was looking for a strong vendor he could trust to implement his creative direction. He needed a supplier that was flexible, met deadlines and made no mistakes.


The mobile world is everywhere and the websites need to be designed for it.


Creative Brand Content had the ability to download a website template then drag and drop images and text. But they needed a website that showed off their creativity. A basic “electronic brochure” website just would not do. In addition, the website needed to be responsive in design so that it displayed properly from big screen TVs to small screen cell phones. The website must be responsive or it would be worthless.


Predictable. Consistent. Keeps promises. Exceeds expectations.


A great many web designers will grab a template, fill in your info, slap your logo on it and call it a day.  Your website should be the base camp all your marketing must flow through. Clarke Inc. worked quickly and efficiently with Creative Brand Content to design a website wholly tailored to their needs, ensuring maximum return on their investment. Clarke, Inc. did this by listening carefully, offering suggestions and providing many free, helpful eBooks on our website.

“I cannot be happier with the final product.
Now I have something to show my potential clients to sell my services and I am proud of it.”

Clarke, Inc builds websites quickly and efficiently.


Creative Brand Content now has a marketing site rather than a cookie cutter website.  Money making websites don’t have to be pretty, but they must be effective qualified lead generating machines. At Clarke Inc., we leveraged all our expertise to make sure Creative Brand Content’s website is a vital and useful tool, not just a pretty online brochure. And it was a painless process too.

“Clarke, Inc. really did a stellar job and I plan on using them for all future digital projects
and will refer them to anyone who would need website work done.``

Clarke, Inc. serves up epic marketing truth to small businesses daily. Our clients crush their competition by integrating print, web and digital marketing into an automated machine that sells 24/7/365. We are not afraid to get down, get dirty and get results. If you want the pretty marketing boys we are not for you.