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Repurpose Traditional Marketing Instead of Reinventing

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Some small businesses make a hard and fast distinction between traditional and Internet marketing as if it’s the Berlin Wall. To the east is everything that is old fashioned and backward looking; to the west is a progressive and forward-looking place where you should be investing.

To some degree this holds true.It would be a mistake to consign all traditional marketing to the dumpster marked “The Past” and to discard all you have learned. The wheel may be an old invention but it’s still rather useful. That’s the same concept with repurposing your traditional marketing material for internet marketing.

Here are six easy repurposing tips that will help you as a small business owner.

1, Use Direct Mailing Tips for Email

Email is hardly a new technology. We have all used it for years. However, not all small businesses have grasped its importance as a marketing tool. If you have mailed a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter to your former customers, clients or friends, now might be the time to consider sending it by email. An emailed newsletter will cost you very little compared to a mailed newsletter and if you hit your database with a catchy subject line it may have a higher chance of being opened. Although you can’t include a gift in an emailed newsletter, you can embed a video.

2. Digital Signatures versus Business Cards

Business cards have been an important way of getting your name out there for decades. That won’t change but many businesses often fail to realize that the useful information contained on their business cards can also be put at the foot of emails. In fact, it’s possible to use your business card as your email signature.

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3. Online Ads Versus Print Ads

Although print advertising has received diminishing returns in recent years due to intense competition from other sources, a lot of the tried and tested techniques can be used in different places. Many of the newspapers where ads used to run are now media companies with a considerable online portfolio. Consider running those print ads online instead. Targeted ads can follow someone around who clicks them and online ads can be placed in a number of sources with the advantage of driving traffic back to your website.

4. TV Ads on Social Media

Television has been a traditional part of the marketing landscape for many years. TV ads are high impact but have the disadvantage of being high cost. In recent years the fragmentation of television and the increased popularity of channels such as YouTube has rendered TV advertising a less safe proposition. If you ran a TV campaign in the past, you should repurpose those ads by putting them on your YouTube channel and on social media sites such as Facebook.

5. Repurposing Radio for Podcasts

Radio is one of the oldest forms of media. If you have run a local business for many years, chances are you will have been interviewed by your local radio station at some time. You may still have the script. Reports of the demise of radio have been greatly exaggerated, but there is a new kid on the block. The advent of the iPod and the MP3 player means an audience can listen to what they want to whenever they want to. More than a billion podcasts have now been downloaded, according to the Washington Post and podcast networks are springing up. Consider repurposing that old radio material for a new audience.

6. Brochures Can Become Online Documents

Many businesses that produce hard copies of brochures or informational booklets, fail to realize how they can be repurposed online. At its most simple it could be putting PDFs of your books or brochures on your website and allowing them to be downloaded. Informational brochures can be repurposed as blogs. Consider going one step further and embracing new technology to use your content in flip books – a kind of hybrid of a book and a movie.

As a small business owner who has seen the traditional media market change beyond recognition you may be bewildered and confused and feel you are unable to find enough content to feed the online beast. What few small businesses realize is they already have much of the material they will need and it can be repurposed with dramatic results.

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