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Our Three Favorite Ways To Repurpose Marketing Content

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Re-purposing is using something for a different purpose. It’s an invaluable thing to do in marketing where the constant demand for content can outstrip supply. In this blog we’ll demonstrate three ways your small business can re-use content to add value.

Repurposing can be compared to recycling. When something is recycled we have no idea what is used to be. That’s also the aim of repurposing. You are wasting your time if it’s obvious you have simply rehashed a newsletter or a blog post. If done correctly repurposing should not be more of the same. It should:

  1.  Help your original content work more effectively;
  2.  Improve your search engine optimization;
  3.  Reach a different audience from the original content;
  4.  Reinforce or improve the impact of your message;

 Here are our three favorite ways of repurposing marketing content.

1. Reuse Webinar Content

In marketing we can spend a lot of time taking part in webinars. Often a lot of information is delivered in a short space of time and webinars can be great forums for questions to be asked and answers. However, there’s a danger of the audience drifting off, failing to take on board information from webinars and not bothering to follow up on them.

Often webinar presenters will email out their presentations after the events. These can provide a lot of material that can be re-written and repurposed into blog posts or other material. Consider taking those uninspiring Power Points and breaking the content up into a series of videos that you can embed on your website, put on a YouTube site or sent out in eblasts. Consider sending the material out on Slideshare, the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and other professional content or use it in pod casts.

2. Repurposing Materials for Blogs

Small businesses need regularly posted content on their websites to help their SEO ranking but it can be difficult to take the time to blog. It can also be hard to find user-friendly content. However, a business often produces a lot of written material that could be invaluable but never makes it onto your website. If you are a law firm or another professional organization, owners or partners may produce academic papers for peer groups or books. Although these publications can be dry for the general public, you can chop them up, make them more user-friendly and use them in blogs.

Likewise training materials, newsletter material, brochures or email content, can be repurposed and used in blogs If you receive favorable reviews from customers and clients, consider using them in blogs. It also works the other way. If you have written a number of blogs on a certain subject, consider repurposing them as a book.

3. Repurposing for Social Media

When it comes to repurposing for social media there are no limits to how long you can spend reworking and posting content but think beyond that Tweet or Facebook post to how content can stay out there longer and attract more interest. Consider sites such as BizSugar where you can share small business news and tips on topics such as marketing, finance, management, technology, and startups or Reddit which is known for its user-generated news links where users submit votes to promote stories to the front page.

Another social media site to consider is Quora which lets users to ask questions and get answers from people with in-depth knowledge of a subject. Medium is another useful site for repurposing content. It’s a hybrid between blogging and a social media platform. You can republish your content on the site days, weeks, or even months after the original story was published. All you need to use it is a Twitter account.

Repurposing may seem obvious but you will be surprised how many managers or business owners you encounter who are reticent about using materials in a way they were not originally intended to be used. Consider drawing up a RRR (repurpose, reuse, refresh) plan and take it from there.

Victor Clarke

Victor began a 30+ year career in sales and marketing with Xerox Corporation following his graduation from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. He has sold copiers, word processing systems, computers, print, mail and graphic design. In addition, he advanced from a street wise sales person, to the Director of Federal, State, Local and Education Sales, to the owner of his own company. He has been the owner of Clarke, Inc. for 20+ years evolving it from a dedicated print shop to an inbound and outbound marketing firm. We deliver epic marketing truth every day for our clients. We provide real solutions for real businesses. If you want the marketing pretty boys, we’re not it.

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