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Sorry, Your Prospects Are Just Not Into You

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The following post is by our guest author, Reed Dillon of Creative Brand Content.

This might be offensive but I believe the vast majority of websites are confused. Most websites out there are about the company it’s representing. That sounds reasonable doesn’t it? I maintain this could not be further from the truth.

This misconception is in-part due to that most web design companies are not made up of marketing professionals; they are coders, copy writers and graphic designers. They can create some beautiful websites but they miss the mark when it comes to marketing strategy.

Content is generally dictated by the client and the site is built accordingly. This is a fundamental mistake that you see repeated over and over again. It appears that the emphasis of most websites is to showcase to the potential customer how great the company is. The website is not about the company, it is about the client and fulfilling their needs. That sounds pretty basic doesn’t it, but you see that central marketing premise being violated all the time on almost every website you see.

People that come to your site are not there to read your boring “About Us” page. (Click to Tweet) They do not care about your history, milestones and awards. Sure all that stuff adds to your credibility, but that is secondary support information does not belong on your homepage. They have come to your site with a problem and are hoping that you can help them with the solution. Just as an attorney makes his arguments so should you. In an honest, artful and engaging fashion each page of your website should paint a picture pursuant to convincing that potential customer of your very valuable features and benefits.

Victor Clarke

Victor began a 30+ year career in sales and marketing with Xerox Corporation following his graduation from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. He has sold copiers, word processing systems, computers, print, mail and graphic design. In addition, he advanced from a street wise sales person, to the Director of Federal, State, Local and Education Sales, to the owner of his own company. He has been the owner of Clarke, Inc. for 20+ years evolving it from a dedicated print shop to an inbound and outbound marketing firm. We deliver epic marketing truth every day for our clients. We provide real solutions for real businesses. If you want the marketing pretty boys, we’re not it.

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