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Our Award Gallery Isn’t Full of Plaques to Gather Dust, but Stories of Clients We’ve Helped Succeed:

Reed Dillon, owner of Creative Band Content, has started a new job many of us dream of – entrepreneurship!  And he asked Clarke, Inc. to help him get his new business off the ground.

Reed has been a friend and customer for many years.  We were thrilled when he asked us to help build his new website:  He handled the creative direction and Clarke, Inc. handled the graphic design and programming.  The result is an awesome website that came together quickly through co-operation, understanding and mutual respect.

In addition to branding services, Reed is also offering a blogging service for the modular housing industry, an industry he is intimately familiar with.  Reed came to Clarke, Inc. again for help.  For this project we are handling the design, programming and reporting for the Calls-to-Action and Landing pages within the blog posts on an on-going basis.  Not only is Reed selling a blogging service, he is also providing a page that turns a modular builder’s website into a marketing site.  A blog that is maintained will act as a sales person that prospects for, and qualifies leads 24/7, without complaints or sick days.

Can your website and blog do that?

Innovative Faith Resources helped create a guide to plant churches across the country and then teaches individuals using these guides. The PLANT guides consist of several hundred pages and tabs. All of them bound in a debossed leather 3-ring binder. This guide involves a lot people and a lot of heavy lifting. It’s also subject to a lot of editing. To make a very long story short these edits ate into production time and shortened the time necessary for delivery to the first seminar. It took some creative thinking and negotiating but within a two week period Clarke, Inc. was able to produce 500 books and ship 30 of them on time for a seminar in Hawaii. The balance for future seminars delivered later to Richmond, VA.

At Clarke, Inc. we don’t wipe our hands and say it’s done when the freight company picks up the job. We follow our client’s projects all the way through to the end.

The Virginia Music Educators Association has been in existence for approximately 50 years. Their mission is to provide leadership and professional development to ensure quality music education.

Clarke, Inc. has had a long term relationship with VMEA. We have printed, mailed and shipped their magazine three times a year from 2007 to 2012. It was a very successful relationship for both of us. But in 2013 VMEA came to us with a problem. The cost of printing and mailing their publications was becoming too expensive. Every year postage and shipping costs kept rising until something had to give.

That’s when Clarke, Inc. and VMEA put their heads together. We decided to stop printing, mailing and shipping the magazine and start distributing it via digital publishing. The digital publishing solution Clarke, Inc. worked out for VMEA took a 3-pronged approach using a tablet app designed for Apple iPads, Google Android Tablets and an enhanced PDF for Mac and PC users.

All of this resulted in a 50% cost savings for VMEA plus a more feature rich publication that is more engaging to the readers. In addition, readers can now link directly to embedded websites with a single click, thus offering more value to VMEA’s advertisers.

You can check out the app now at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.