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We're Your Marketing Hub

Clarke Inc. is Central Virginia's hub for the creation, integration, and automation of your inbound and outbound marketing.

We help you market your marketing using print, websites, mobile sites and apps, promotional items, banners and posters, etc.

Clarke Inc., – saving and making you money every day.
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Why Integrated Marketing

Want to Know How Your Small Business Can Market Itself Like Amazon?

Our free eBook will get you started down the right path. It explains 5 facts you must know about successful marketing, how companies like Amazon manage integrated marketing, and much more. Click here to download!

When it comes to print, Clarke Inc. has you covered. Whether you need a short run single color piece for in-house use, or require a stunning ten thousand piece full color mailer, we can handle it!

Doesn't matter if it's a small business card or a giant poster. Pens, keyrings, notepads, Point of Purchase displays, etc.

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We don’t just make websites, anyone can do that with little effort. At Clarke we make great websites.

We don’t stop there however, Clarke can get your Social Media Campaign off the ground and soaring. With an effective Social Media Campaign behind you, your website will be set to truly take off!

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Today, even a great website is not enough if it isn’t paired with an effective mobile device strategy. Already half of all Google searches are conducted with mobile devices and the mobile market is still growing. Clarke will assist you in leveraging a mobile optimized website and mobile apps to take your marketing to the next level.

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Free Download: How to Check a Proof

Learn tips and tricks to catch the smallest mistakes, discover what odd printing errors are most common and how to spot them, and save yourself from printing disaster! Free download, just click here!

"I just wanted to thank you and your team for pulling this out for me with such short notice! You guys rock!"

Amy DeRamus

Amy DeRamus, 
Business Manager Centra Outpatient Rehabilitation

"I can rely on Clarke Inc. From customer service and design assistance, to product and timing efficiency, Clarke Inc. is my go-to for printing solutions!"

Tanya Fischoff

Tanya Fischoff,
Marketing Director,
Academy of Fine Arts

"I just want to say again how much we appreciate working with you! Thank you for all you do to get our projects out with efficiency, looking excellent, and with cost effectiveness! You do a fantastic job and it is much valued."

Rachel Rawn

Rachel Rawn,
Graphic Specialist,
Innovative Faith Resources

Quality, Effective

Websites Made Easy

Not all websites are created equal. We build websites with expert planning and standards compliant CSS construction that are reliable, professional, fast, and rank high in search results. Clarke Inc. will guide you safely through the many pitfalls that can block your way to a great website.

Know your website needs work but don't know where to start?

Our free eBook will get you started down the right path. It explains three of the most popular approaches available today: out-of-a-box solutions, templates, and working with a professional. Click here to download!


Responsive design is becoming increasingly vital all the time. A responsively designed website adapts to fit whatever device is displaying the website. From big screen TVs to tiny laptop screens, from iPads and iPhones to Kindles and budget smartphones. The mobile world is everywhere, and your website needs to be designed for it.


A great many web designers will grab a template, fill in your info, slap your logo on it and call it a day. If that’s all you want then we can do it, but at Clarke Inc. we recommend getting something truly your own.

Clarke Inc. will work with you to design a website wholly tailored to your needs, ensuring maximum return on your investment.


When we make a website we have one goal in mind above all others: to make the website as effective as possible. You can make the most beautiful website the world has ever seen, but if it isn’t effective at its stated purpose then what good is it to you? At Clarke Inc. we leverage all our expertise to make sure your website is a vital and useful tool to your business, and not just a pretty online brochure.

"Thanks for being such a great resource and guide for me during the transition to the new site over the past year. Your talents in this area are tremendous and we are fortunate to have you working with us."

Douglas Armstrong

Douglas Armstrong,
Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Assoc.




"I just wanted to say to you how much we appreciate (Clarke Inc.) You make things happen so quickly and efficiently. I discovered a problem this morning and within a half hour it was fixed with a great solution.”

Moe Turrentine

Moe Turrentine,
State Executive, Virginia Music Educator Assoc.

Want a quick fixup for cheap? How about free!

Today's marketing world is driven by content and social media. Encourage your website visitors to share your content around with their friends and contacts with our free social sharing bar! Just click the link to let us know you want it, and we'll install it and configure it on your site absolutely free, no strings attached! Click here to request your free social media sharing bar.

Website Development Pricing

If you're budgeting for a new website please take a moment to review our package options below. Choose the one you are most interested in to get in touch with us about your project. Or if you feel none of these packages are right for you please give us a call and we'd be happy to quote a custom package just for you.

Updates and Maintenance Pricing

Whether you already have a great website, or are looking to get one developed, you need to plan for the long-term upkeep of your site. A website that doesn't change and just sits as an electronic brochure is a waste! Below we have a selection of packages you can choose from, or contact us for a custom package.

Your Path To

The Mobile World

The world is changing, and where your customers and potential customers go to learn about your brand is changing with it too. Clarke Inc. makes it easy and affordable to publish your content to tablets and phones, with your content appearing right in the App Store where users expect to find you.

Free Download: How to Make Mobile Friendly Marketing

Click here to learn what the difference is in Mobile Compatible and Mobile Optimized Websites, Native Apps and HTML Apps, and eBooks and Apps. Discover how to choose the best mobile strategy for you! It's free, just click!


Nothing beats an app for ease of use on any mobile device. An app offers many benefits over a mobile website, including no internet access requirement, near instant load times, ease of reading, and more. Additionally your app is always right there on your customer’s device, keeping you top of mind all the time.


Apps offer tremendous flexibility when used to offer dynamic content. The list of options is nearly endless. It doesn’t just stop with video and sound, but dynamic animation, interactive slideshows, pull-out tabs, rotateable 3D objects, parallax scrolling, 360° panoramas, pannable and zoomable images, interactive quizzes, scrollable frames, and more! You woudn’t believe how far your publications can be taken, it has to be seen to be believed!


Clarke Inc. makes it easy to get your app. We handle all the complicated coding, interactivity, and advanced features. All you have to do is either provide your finished layout files (InDesign format is preferred) or we can work with you to design a layout for your content from start to finish just from your provided content.




"I just spent some time with NOTES both with the app and looking at the magazine and clicking on the ads. It is all absolutely terrific. You have done a great job as usual. Thanks for your time and efforts."

Moe Turrentine

Moe Turrentine,
State Executive, Virginia Music Educator